News and Announcements

This Saturday November 9th will be the last Saturday session in the Fall In-House Program and is also our Fall seasons Trophy Day.

So be sure to attend!

Registration for the BYSC Girls High School Spring 2020 team is OPEN

BYSC Midweek Program :

The weather forecast is suggesting that we have a 40% + chance of rain this afternoon – late in the day. The forecast does not suggest a heavy downpour, therefore we intend to run the Program.

Any decision to CANCEL the Program will be made at the Field by the Program Director – Brian Piechowicz.

Recognizing that this will be a ‘last minute’ decision – BYSC will not send out emails or post an announcement on the Website.

Please plan accordingly

BYSC Board

Due to adverse weather conditions all Mid-Week Programs have been canceled this Wednesday Oct16th.

Remember their is no scheduled BYSC IN-HOUSE program this weekend October 12th.