Posted by Derek Correia on Jul 28 2009 at 05:00PM PDT

 The BYSC Pre-Travel & 1st - 3rd Grade Clinic Programs were established in the Fall 2007 Season. The chief purpose of these programs is to offer a unique training opportunity and competitive format for those young boys and girls interested in the Travel Soccer Program.

Training will be provided by pre-selected professional licensed trainers under the supervision of Bob Martin and Vincent Kwarula. Training methods and techniques will be similar to that of travel teams. Two training sessions will be conducted each week - one weekday afternoon and one Saturday. Competitive games will be coordinated and scheduled with BYSC and other local age appropriate travel teams. While high quality training is the main focus of these programs, there are numerous related features of the travel program that will be addressed:

  •    Players will have a better understanding of the tryout process and the required commitment that is needed. This will allow the transition and try out to be less stressful for both players and families. 

  •         Try-outs for future boys and girls U-8 and U-9 teams will be coordinated through the Pre-Travel & 1st - 3rd Grade Clinic Programs. Player selections for Travel Teams will be made by the Travel Committee at the end of the Fall and Spring sessions, based on tryouts and trainer evaluations.

  •       Successful completion of the Pre-Travel & 1 st - 3rd Grade Clinic Programs is becoming the pre-requisite to the Travel Program. Essentially - subject to a display of extraordinary skill and knowledge of the game and rules - those players that do not participate in the Pre-Travel Program will likely need to spend at least one season in Pre-Travel. This does not preclude any child from trying out for travel; it is just that it is a major advantage to have participated in pre-travel.  



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