October 3rd is Silent Sunday

Posted by Jesus Garcia on Oct 01 2010 at 05:00PM PDT

Goals of Silent Sunday:

1. To emphasize that soccer is a “players’ game”.  

2. To permit players to talk to each other on the field, free of sideline distractions.

3. To foster independent thinking of our players, letting the game be the teacher.

4. To support our youth referees by eliminating sideline interference and dissension.

Coaches:  Please limit your coaching instructions to a minimum, shouting out tactical instructions only when absolutely necessary. For this day, let your players make their own decisions. Speak privately to individual players on the sidelines. Where possible communicate to the field through substitutions.

Players:  Have fun and enjoy the freedom.

Parents:  Avoid comments that can be heard by the players, referees or opponents.  When a goal is scored please subdue your reaction to a low-key applause



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