Congratulations to the following Bedford and Castleford Travel Teams for winning the sportsmanship awards in their division for the fall 2010 season!

Posted by Jesus Garcia on Dec 08 2010 at 04:00PM PST
  • B U-9 Warriors- Coaches Paul Morant, Dan Wollman, Meredith Wallace
  • B U-10 Patriots- Coaches Shawn Podell, Peter Dibiasi
  • B U-11 Gold -  Coach Randy Pink Team Mgr: Andrew Clinton
  • B U-11 Emerald – Coaches Karl Hogan, Greg Fleming
  • G U-9 Sidewinders- Coaches Bob Martin, Doug Speegle Team Mgr: Kim Speegle
  • G U-10 Hurricanes- Coaches Paul Morant, Ken Wyman, Stephen and Geraldine Tortorella
  • G U-11 Gold – Coaches Jules Marinaro, Peter Waxmen Team Mgr: Amy Aberman
  • G U-11 Royal – Coaches Devon Whalen, Doug Speegle Team Mgr: Kim Speegle
  • G U-12 Gold -  Coach Ricardo Lyon Team Mgr: Lori Begleiter


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